4.3-4.9: Amor Fati

On just a Tuesday afternoon
You said you’d be back real soon,
And I said “Baby, I love you.”
You haven’t come back and that’s fine.

This couch became my only friend;
It would support me till the end,
But then collapsed and left me lone again.
The wood decayed and that’s fine.

Sun was shining when I woke.
Out the door I cleared my throat.
They laughed at my backwards coat.
I wiped a tear and that’s fine.

Kwik Trip hadn’t any breaks.
The cashier gave me many shakes.
The nerves make me love my fate.
The awkardness resides, I’m fine.

I was fine to see you leave.
The couch was fine for me to sleep.
Although I’m shaking at the knees,
I love it. Amor fati.

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