There’s so much news in the world. Politics, weather, disasters, economics, sports….the list goes on.

And all of that news is so dry.

This is Just to Say is here to spice it up with the most important daily news written in verse!

“Poetic news: the next big thing in journalism.” – Me

Need a poem written? I’ll write it for you!

6.10.21 – EC OKs MJ

Eau Claire—French, but wholly Wisconsin—Pushes the state to push the limitOf what we see as good.“Legalize it!”The demands are heard,From a county wait up nort’.Now we waitFor the red to wakeTo the calling of the folksWho wish to smoke, eat, enjoyA harmless plantAnd nothing more.

6.10.21 – The Endless Frontier

Fin’ly we come togetherTo pass a bipart bill—Aimed squarely at China—Cast down from Capt’l Hill.The Senate floor was litteredWith amendments, Left and Right.Next it visits Home.Then to Sleepy Joe to sign.Research and developmentIn technology and more:The Endless Frontier is endless,But we must keep pushing forward.

5.6.21 – Mr. Dogecoin (to the tune of “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers)

Coming out as a coin,And now it’s doing just fine.Gotta gotta go downCuz it’s not real at all.It started out as a kid.How did it end up like this?It was only a kid.It was only kid.Now I’m buying some moreAnd she’s calling me madWhile he’s selling his coinAnd she’s says it’s a fadNow they’re going … Continue reading 5.6.21 – Mr. Dogecoin (to the tune of “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers)

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