5.6.21 – Mr. Dogecoin (to the tune of “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers)

Coming out as a coin,
And now it’s doing just fine.
Gotta gotta go down
Cuz it’s not real at all.
It started out as a kid.
How did it end up like this?
It was only a kid.
It was only kid.
Now I’m buying some more
And she’s calling me mad
While he’s selling his coin
And she’s says it’s a fad
Now they’re going to bit
And my wallet is sick
And it’s all in my head
But she’s buying some doge now
He buys some more doge now
Let me buy
And I just can’t sell, it’s gaining steam
And making the news.
Currency, turning bears into the bulls
Shooting right up to the moon
Heeding Elon’s every word
But it’s just the price I pay
Crypto markets calling me
Coinbase.com I must join
‘Cause I’m Mr. Dogecoin.

3.12.21 – Sonnet 420

Shall I compare thee to a ditch’s weed?
Thou art more dank and more loud.
Fully robust with buds of THC
That fill my veins, my brains to shroud.
My eyes may be glass, but I’m not blind
To the green you proudly boast.
You flick my Bic now I must find
Another light, but I am toast.
Just a plant you do no harm
Apart from harm we do ourselves.
Yet you are banned: a false alarm.
Scheduled 1, forever shelved.
Mexico’s proposal blesses cannabis for fun.
Americans resent that we may be the only one.

2.19.21 – When Texas Freezes Over

When Texas freezes over
There will be tiny assassins
Taking lives,
Shutting down restaurants
And schools,
Keeping Grandma behind glass
As she closes her eyes.

When Texas freezes over
The Capitol will be ransacked.
Confederate flags will fly freely
Under the Dome of Democracy.
A Viking will lead the charge
Down the Halls of the Republic
With both young and old behind.

When Texas freezes over
Innocent men will be strangled in the streets
And homes will not be safe
From the peacekeepers.
It will be a crime to be Black.

All that
When Texas freezes over.

2.14.21 – Acquitted Again

Impartial impeachment
Led to acquittal again.

The House was stormed by masses,
Nearly broke, but then
The House stormed against storming
Bringing articles to vote
Against the head of the State
They deemed to provoke
The very riots that led
To the threat of their lives
(While millions face COVID
And thousands will die).
Quickly rushed through,
The Senate met and adjourned.

The Senate’s the Court in which we learn.
The Senate’s the Court in which we burn.