4.10-4.16: Salvus Somnium

My ear hit the pillow as the drugs cracked my skull.
That’s when shit went sideways
Or upside down.
Backwards — no, forward.
About a dozen decades, but not a day at all.
Same skin and smile; new tech and style.
Silver and gold encrusted lives.
Bronze-plated souls.
Jack no longer stood to my right (or was it left?)
Like she used to. And I mean seconds ago.
I found a reason to reach, was wrong in my reaction.
Search quickly turned to quest, a mission to find her.
Holland had retained her, but she would not remain there.
A windmill’s shadow hid me from Captor’s sight.
It wouldn’t last long until I too was locked in his home.
Nights turned to night. Days remained the same
Tilling of the grounds that I had tilled before.
One sun brought sounds that signaled hope.
Same sun saw hope run through the hills.
Next sun brought hope wielding spears and fire.
Joey came to save with an AK.
Welcomes waned as his mouth gripped the ground.
“Let’s find Jack.”
The battle lasted a mear year.
Our forces overwhelmed homely henchmen for Captor.
Captor escaped.
Captor ran.
Captor drove.
Captor dropped
When he took my bullet in his skull.
Joey shook me with pride.
Our feet treaded to Jurassic World.
Isaiah, several stories tall, broke bread saying
“I’ve been living here for years
To take this crown of tyrannus.”
The lights went out and I went up.
A dark room met my eyes.
Futurama blared downstairs.
My footsteps set off alarms upon each tiptoe
Signaling Joey to pounce (a move I anticipated).
I was halfway through
When the light tunneled its way into my vision.

My eyes opened once more.

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