9.18-9.24: A Greek Story

There is a Greek story
That says that every soul that was and will be
Was created conjoined to another half.
Upon human incarnation 
All souls were ripped from one another and sent across the universe.

The Greeks believed that our duty in our fleshy form 
Is to find our immortal puzzle piece that makes us whole again.
But once we’re there we must endure forces 
That will persist in pulling us apart.
Through the Sun’s death and universal implosion, 
Our souls will dance with their other half in God’s ballroom
Until the Big Bang thrusts us apart once more, restarting history.

Everything that was will once again be created from nothing
And decompose into nothing
And we will find each other once more.
Each reiteration
Of the literation that is our love
Will be different from the last.
But alas,
We will find one another, our other half.

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