7.17-7.23: Valle de la Luna

I’ve felt nearly everything I’ll ever feel.
Though that’s freeing,
I wish to feel one new thing.
Make it wicked or holy or lustful and greedy—
Whatever direction I desperately need it.
The last time I felt I was just seventeen.
My heart had been broke by the Homecoming queen.
Now I dance in a desert of emotionless thought,
Thirsty for tears, but I’ve been given a drought.
Sands upon sands stack up their demands
On me to bear weight until I no longer stand.
Crawling, standing, tripping, and crawling again.
I dream of a drink to come, but I just don’t know when.

Far ahead,
I see shimmering signs of laughter and pain
Only to find a mirage has tricked me again.

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