4.24-4.30: Errat Continui

The birds had woken me up
Singing their songs of a new day.
I slammed the snooze button
Pushing the daylight away.

The honey wheat toast—
So crunchy and sweet—
Was washed down with black coffee,
Scolding and staining my teeth.

A butterfly butterflew past me,
And I butterfound my attention
Bound to something 
Far less attractive.

A family played soccer in a nearby field.
I scoffed when they left without me.
The music in my ear sang louder than the driver.
A shame. A shame.

I saw a man of no more than four feet,
Caught my eyes with his, and shifted gaze
To less important sights
In haste.

The singing in church interrupted
By a tone-deaf child.
A man swatted me with a dried palm.
We talked and I walked

An emergency vehicle’s
Sirens wailed in the distance—
No concern of mine.

She hugged me and 
I was the first to let go.

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