10.9-10.15: The Edicts

Where visions took hold
Of Constantine’s mind and
Changed history’s course, of course.
How could it not?
Christ’s mind spread far and wide
All the way to Thessalonica,
The birthplace of an idea
Too big to fail and
Far too big to succeed,
Where intolerance hung
On a single decree.
Oh what to see what Constantine saw 
That changed his mind, 
That changed the shape of the globe 
From that of a spheroid 
To that of a cross.
White men run—
As they often do—
With this idea and justified
Blood and sacrifice
Until the former ran a river to my feet. I think:
“What would Jesus think of all of your hate? 
Lord, I ask you for the guidance to teach these men.”

I know that I am the man who needs to be
The one who leads these souls from Milan.

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