1.22-1.28: Escape Velocity

The long arm of the Milky Way
Stretches further into black.
The speed needed to break the Great Filter
Holds many others back.
	Gone! Gone! are the Earthbound.
Forward! Forward! to a new light, our Sun!
The story of Genesis is rewritten today!
We have passed the Ninth Planet,
We have paved our own way.
Now Gone! Gone! are the Earthbound!
Soon, home will be foreign;
Space dust will make you sneeze!
But, back home all the men and women
Will be dropping to their knees
	For they! they! are the Earthbound!
Gravity holds no heir here.
It must be me that holds you down!
Though, I know you’d rather be here
Than lowly, coldy Earthbound.

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