7.1.20 – An Ode to Mice

Show me your secrets.
Within you are questions that I forced
But have yet to find an answer.
Will you tell me or will I need to tear you open again?
I wish to do the former, for all your
Brothers and sisters have failed before you.

Is it my fault or yours
That you were born inside a cage
Hosted by perfect conditions to age late into
A time point most suitable for me?
Your beady eyes tell me you’re not scared,
But scratching at the walls does not.

It’s time.
Today we sacrifice you to the god we call Science.
Your white coat, flawless and pure,
Gives me an easy target at which to grab.
Inside the chamber you thrash and you scream,
Clutching at walls that have no holds.

One last ounce of oxygen escapes your lungs,
And I prepare you to disappoint me again.

*This is a personal poem not affiliated with any news item of the day

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