2.19.21 – When Texas Freezes Over

When Texas freezes over
There will be tiny assassins
Taking lives,
Shutting down restaurants
And schools,
Keeping Grandma behind glass
As she closes her eyes.

When Texas freezes over
The Capitol will be ransacked.
Confederate flags will fly freely
Under the Dome of Democracy.
A Viking will lead the charge
Down the Halls of the Republic
With both young and old behind.

When Texas freezes over
Innocent men will be strangled in the streets
And homes will not be safe
From the peacekeepers.
It will be a crime to be Black.

All that
When Texas freezes over.

5.5.20 – Insecure

In Flint, Michigan,
Where the water runs thick,
A man doing his job
Was murdered for it.
At Family Dollar,
A family of four
Didn’t wear masks,
Refused entry through door.
Later, the same family
Who wouldn’t be let in,
Returned to kill
Calvin Munerlyn.
A security guard
Doing as he’s told
Isn’t safe in a world
Run by a microbe.