9.18.20 – Football, Debate, and TikTok Hate

Football is back in the NFL,
Quenching a thirst in a sports dry spell.
Big Ten brought back their guns,
Returning football next month.
Trump v. Biden has been floated to Rogan
While the Taylor’s were paid for Breonna’s murder.
All of these things came and they went
Throughout the week that much the time spent
Wondering with whom TikTok would fall
Only to find there’d be no TikTok at all.

8.11.20 – No Boys of Fall

Derived from Kenny Chesney’s “Boys of Fall”

We won’t feel that chill or smell that fresh cut grass.
I’m packing up my helmet, cleats, and shoulder pads.
Standing away from a huddle, won’t hear a call.
No fans going crazy for the boys of fall.

No knees will be taken to protest the stars and stripes.
No fighting back them butterflies.
No coins flipping.
No field goals missing.
No knocking heads or talking trash.
No mud will be slung amongst dirt and grass
No one’s got my number,
No one’s got my back.
Without football
There are no boys of fall.