4.9.20 – Bye, Bye Bernie

(To be sung in the tune of Bye, Bye Birdie)

Bye, bye, Bernie
We’re gonna miss you till the end!
Bye, bye, Bernie
Why’d ya have to go suspend?

No more healthcare,
It’s followed you away.
I’ll die, Bernie,
Till we replace Medicaid

I’ll miss the way you rant
About the 1%.
We’re left with Biden
To run for president.

Bye, bye, Bernie,
You were the antidote!
Bye, bye, Bernie.
Guess I’ve wasted my vote
Guess I’ve wasted my vo-o-o-o-ote
Guess I’ve wasted my vote!

4.8.20 – When I Get to Heaven

A good man died.
He played guitar
And sang of Spite.
A goofy man
But somehow sly
A good man died.

His raspy voice
Could come out shy.
He made us laugh
And sometimes sigh.
He’s travelin’ to
The Other Side
Of Town
. Yesterday,
A good man died.

He took the wristwatch off his arm
And drank a cocktail
. Though I
Just met him
I still cried
Because yesterday,
We lost John Prine.

Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images

4.7.20 – Election Day is Finally Here!

Election day is finally here!
A day in which to live in fear
For your life or for the vote you cast
You have to choose, you cannot pass.
The Badger State will vote today
As the lonely state that didn’t sway
In its conviction to put lives at risk
As Republicans quickly dismissed
Any chance at vote postponement
Just so Dan Kelly can win appointment
To a court of justices that rejected plea
From Evers for democracy.
Election day is finally here!
Two months too soon with too much fear.