4.24.20 – Drafting Up Dreams

Last night
A group of boys
Younger than me (oy vey)
Were granted a chance
At fulfilling their dreams—
They are just kids.
A Joe from Ohio,
A coupl’a Buckeyes,
A.T. from GA,
A Hawaiian and Herbert
Round out the top six.
A number of ball catchers,
Swatters, and snappers
Came off the board from teams
Making their picks.
There was much Love
To be found in the first round of the NFL Draft.
Makes me furious…

3.26.20 – Opening Day

Today would’ve been Opening Day
At Miller (but not at Fenway).
The world stops when baseball’s not played.
Today would’ve been Opening Day.

Today would’ve been off for the Bucks.
But now everyday’s off and it sucks.
Antetokounmpo’s beginning to rust.
Today would’ve been off for the Bucks.


The NFL’s in their offseason,
But that is not a good reason
To not cry and not show my feelings.
The NFL’s in their offseason.

Today was not Opening Day.
It was a day of loss and of pain.
Spring will never be the same.
Today was not Opening Day.