2.14.21 – Acquitted Again

Impartial impeachment
Led to acquittal again.

The House was stormed by masses,
Nearly broke, but then
The House stormed against storming
Bringing articles to vote
Against the head of the State
They deemed to provoke
The very riots that led
To the threat of their lives
(While millions face COVID
And thousands will die).
Quickly rushed through,
The Senate met and adjourned.

The Senate’s the Court in which we learn.
The Senate’s the Court in which we burn.

4.9.20 – Bye, Bye Bernie

(To be sung in the tune of Bye, Bye Birdie)

Bye, bye, Bernie
We’re gonna miss you till the end!
Bye, bye, Bernie
Why’d ya have to go suspend?

No more healthcare,
It’s followed you away.
I’ll die, Bernie,
Till we replace Medicaid

I’ll miss the way you rant
About the 1%.
We’re left with Biden
To run for president.

Bye, bye, Bernie,
You were the antidote!
Bye, bye, Bernie.
Guess I’ve wasted my vote
Guess I’ve wasted my vo-o-o-o-ote
Guess I’ve wasted my vote!