9.18.20 – Football, Debate, and TikTok Hate

Football is back in the NFL,
Quenching a thirst in a sports dry spell.
Big Ten brought back their guns,
Returning football next month.
Trump v. Biden has been floated to Rogan
While the Taylor’s were paid for Breonna’s murder.
All of these things came and they went
Throughout the week that much the time spent
Wondering with whom TikTok would fall
Only to find there’d be no TikTok at all.

5.29.20 – Thy Whiter Jubilee!

O’ beautiful for dark gray skies,
For bloody clothes are stained,
From the climb upon the mountaintop
Above the amber waves of grain!
America! America!
We see and finally see
Ye unsheathe your sword with quickened haste,
To hate those that do not look like me.

What’s happening across the country, and especially in Minneapolis, should be alarming to everyone. There is no reason George Floyd or Breonna Taylor or any of the many other Black lives should be dead right now.

5.11.20 – Ode to a Jewish Comic

My sides ache, and a chuckling numbness paints

               My face due to a yelling Jerry Stiller.

I howl with laughter at the Zoolander agent’s name:

               Maury Ballstein. The name alone a painkiller

For the news of Jerry’s death of natural causes,

               Though the strength is not enough to soften

                              The hurt from losing Festivus.

God grant me Serenity Now to bear these losses

               Of the laughter he’d give so often.

                              Rest in peace, from the rest of us.