I'm a White Christian Heterosexual Dude

Today is MLK Day! Honestly, a great day. As a white Christian heterosexual dude I not only forget that I am privileged to be alive, but that I was born into this dominant luxury. I like to believe that I do my best in raising others up with me, but I know that I will fail more than I should.

Be patient with me and help me help you.

I don’t have much to say on the topic of race that hasn’t already been said by people a lot wiser and knowledgeable on the subject than me. But I will say this:


Doris Miller was a man who fought (and died) in WWII fighting for the US. He (apparently, my source is Wikipedia) survived Pearl Harbor after taking control of a large anti-aircraft weapon and shooting down enemy planes—all without ever being trained. He recently became the first African American to have a US aircraft carrier named after him.

I didn’t know about Doris Miller prior to today and that sucks. But now I do and so do you!

Thank you, Doris Miller for being an inspirational badass!

From abcnews.com