History is Full of It

Are you listening to podcasts? If not, get on board because they’re not going anywhere. The new radio, podcasts give me the hands-free ability to absorb lots of information. What kind of information you ask? Let’s see:

From that list, I’ve taken the most from the History is Full of Shit category. I’ve quickly learned that everyone in history—from politicians to my favorite actors—were giant piles of crap. The Dollop, especially, reminded me of the moral corruption of some of the most glorified figures including Ronald Reagan, John McCain, and Frank Lloyd Wright. A comedy marvel, the show revealed to me the criminal wrongdoing of Ronnie’s term as president, John McCain’s rather questionable decisions, and detailed (LIVE) the sexual deviancies of Wisconsin’s most coveted architect (Wright).

At first, I thought that it couldn’t be true. But then I remembered all the other crazy stories that they told me including those about America’s first ghost (involves sex with ghosts), dolphin love (involves sex with dolphins), and how Wells Fargo sucks in general (probably).

So yeah, just because we remember their names doesn’t mean they weren’t pieces of garbage.

Which makes me wonder….how will I be remembered? I hope it’s not for my moral mishaps!