Football is Dumb but Packer Fans are Dumberer

The Green Bay Packers are fighting for a spot in the Super Bowl! Also: I don’t care. In fact, I hate it. The paternal side of my family, hailing from the South Side, taught me how to root for the Bears. You know… crying, drinking, and eating hot dogs. It’s in my blood to cheer for Chicago. However, I was born and raised in Wisconsin. Cheese is also in my blood (I need to get that checked out). As you can imagine, I’ve got quite the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde conundrum going on.

On one hand, I need to make my family proud by rooting against the Bears’ bitter rivals. On the other hand, most of my friends are annoying Cheeseheads… Actually, it’s not as tough as I thought. Go Bears!

(The Packers got demolished by the 49ers anyways; sad to see my friends cry like that.)