Don't F*** With Cats

I watched the Netflix documentary “Don’t F**k With Cats”. The story revolves around this group of internet sleuths that try to track down the creator of some pretty horrific videos (figure out their content from the title of the doc). A three-hour series, I decided to watch it throughout the week…naturally I watched in all in one night. It was very entertaining, though I have one major problem with it all.


The documentary focuses on a murderer. And, like many murderers and psychopaths, all they really wanted was attention. In this case, from the world (posting their videos on the interwebs for everyone to see and freak out about (troll in full force)). What bothers me is that this documentary not only gives the murderer a platform to showcase their fucked up acts, but it goes through a complete and clean sweep of their story, life, and image. It’s as if the producers deliberately decided to give in to the murderer’s demands of attention. Yes, the culprit has been prosecuted and sits in prison, but now millions of more people will know their name (though, to be sure, the contemporary media did a thorough job of that).

I hope you take my example and refuse to give their name the light of day.